The Art of Aging: How to Harness Time for a Stronger Financial Future

Do you feel as if you have mastered the art of aging? At what age does mastery come?

I find myself in Boston for an investment management conference. After riding into town early, I got outside for a walk through the Boston Public Gardens. I first attended college in Boston at the sweet age of 18, over 30 years ago. On my walk, I thought back to that long ago time and started to think “What the heck did I know back then?”. The last 30 years began to flash in front of me. And then I started to think about the next 30 years and what’s ahead.

The Gift of Time

My awareness and my perspective have changed. I notice things I never did before. My eyes were drawn to the numerous trees that were both tall and short, wide and slim, old and young. Around these trees were colorful and blooming flowers, the greenest grass and a sparkling pond. I can see the care and the passion of many people that have made this public space so gorgeous. Some trees were newly planted, others growing for those same 30 years and then others even older. Each tree rooted in it’s own space having a view of its own.

I’ve been thinking a lot about aging or as I’m calling it lately, advancing. It’s all about moving forward and ahead. Physically, I am advancing…the grey hairs are starting to pop and my body is changing. My perspective has changed. And what is most clear, my wisdom is being defined and sharpened right before my eyes.

What’s right in front of us today, is the gift of time. Life is busy and it’s tough to stay focused. It’s no wonder we forget. Unfortunately, we are typically reminded of the gift of time in not so pleasant ways. Like when we are sick or someone we love becomes terminally ill or dies.

Time to Take Action

How do you take action on what’s most important? And how do you start to take advantage of the gift of time? For me, it’s about my calendar and lists. I need to see it in writing. Once it’s written, it becomes a part of my consciousness. And with seeing it, I start to talk about it and then I start to take action. For many, hiring a coach helps us to take advantage of time and take action to accomplish what we set out to do.

Clients hire me as a financial coach to stay focused on what’s important. Challenges and issues that seemed so big start to become smaller and solved. It’s a great feeling to move through life with confidence and knowing you are on the right path. In my line of work, the areas that client’s need the most help are organizing their financial lives, investing with confidence and creating an estate plan. The estate plan said in simpler terms is simply the instructions and words you leave when you pass on.

With so much information out there, how do you make sense of what’s right for you? It’s hard to know which path to take and how to make money and feel really good about it. We live in uncertain times and one thing we all crave is certainty – especially from the markets. So how do you get certainty in an uncertain world? It starts with creating a plan, and for client’s, it’s all about their personalized and tailored financial plan.

The Time is NOW

Within my signature financial planning service called Journey Through Retirement®, we address all these big challenges. We bring organization and clarity to finances and goals. We create and implement an investment strategy that makes sense and is understood. And we bring the art of aging to the next level with planning ahead and creating an estate plan.

As we grow older time definitely moves faster. And we always seem to make time for what’s most important. Sometimes we just need a reminder from a trusted financial coach to help bring forward the importance of taking care of our financial well being. Through the years, I have heard and come across almost every reason why our financial life gets moved to the back burner.

For me, the art of aging is all about not having regrets. To have no regrets is about taking action and moving forward. How can I help you move forward and take action today?

Contact me to discuss how we can work together to get time back on your side. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you achieve financial confidence for life.

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