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What We Do

We’re big on communication. We use a collaborative style to open new doors of possibility and educate our clients.

Every meaningful client relationship starts with a great conversation. With so much information out there, how do you make sense of it all? With more than two decades of experience, we know what works. We also know when advice matters most in guiding clients to confidently secure control of their financial life.

Establish a relationship with a financial advisor you can trust.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a process that guides you to make smarter money decisions. It’s a way of looking at investing, getting ready for retirement, understanding your cash flow and what’s needed, buying just the right amount of insurance, reducing risk, understanding your benefits at work, and making sure those left after you are taken care of. How can you retire 10 years early? How best to position your portfolio now and as you age? Are you doing enough today to get you where you want to be? Creating financial confidence is what we do.

Journey Through Retirement®

Our trademarked signature financial planning service, Journey Through Retirement, was created to help clients easily walk through the three major life stages: Preparing for Retirement, Living Through Retirement and Creating Your Legacy. Today, retirement can last upwards of 40 years. Are you ready?

Journey Through Widowhood™

This is our exclusive financial planning process for Widows and Widowers. It’s structured to help you address what needs to happen now, soon, and in the future. Losing a spouse/partner is a major life event that has a long lasting and deep impact on the surviving partner. It’s impact is different for each one of us. Depending on where you are in the grieving process, you may need us now. And then again, you may come back soon or sometime in the future. We are here for you. Contact us when you are ready and need our advice.

Investment Management

Every successful investor knows, a comprehensive financial plan is at the heart of any long-term investment plan. While not everyone needs to worry about minimizing estate taxes or effective charitable giving strategies, all investors need to position their portfolios to provide them with the money they need to live comfortably – both today and in the future. We create and manage portfolios that align with you and your goals.

What We Do - Sloand Advisory Group

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.”

– Thomas Edison
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