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Am I Rich?

As a Certified Financial Planner™ who loves financial planning and the process around it, one of the most frequent (and pressing) questions I receive from new clients is this…

Do I have enough?

While that simple question is rarely asked so directly, it does come in the form of:

  • Do I have enough to retire?
  • Do I have enough to live the life I’ve always dreamed about?
  • Do I have enough to stop working?
  • Do I have enough to never worry about money?

These are some really important questions. And before they can be answered, one must give thought and meaning to…

What is your enough?

American society and consumerism is about never having enough.

And if we never have enough, will we ever consider ourselves rich?

Over the course of this last year, a very special someone has re-introduced the word rich into my life. At first, it was about rich conversations, then about rich experiences — and the word rich now has a solid place in my lexicon. Heck, I’m even writing about it now. I have truly appreciated the opportunity to re-define this word on my terms and to define it in the context of enough.

When we start to define the words rich and enough for ourselves, we begin to open a new world of experiencing and living life in full and meaningful ways.

For me, a rich part of my life is about the depth and quality of conversations. It seems no coincidence that my life’s work is rooted in powerful and meaningful conversations with clients, family and friends. As I uncovered this definition for myself, I simultaneously declared, I’ve been leading a rich life for years. Having rich conversations leads to clarity. With clarity comes confidence.

And with confidence comes a whole new way to being in this world.

It is true, our experiences define us. I also think it’s time that we help re-define our enough so that when we come out on the other side of this (the global pandemic), you can answer this question with clarity and confidence…

Do I live a rich life?

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