The Benefits of Women Working with Female Financial Planners

Today’s woman has more financial power and autonomy than any other time in history (high-five, ladies!). To underline this, a recent article in Business Insider stated that women now control 51 percent of personal wealth – about $14 trillion – and rising.

Despite their growing wealth, however, women tend to be less likely than men to seek out the services of a financial planner to ensure their financial security. Women are knowledgeable and capable, but can often lack assuredness in their financial decision making. Here at Sloan Advisory Group, Inc. (SAGI), we strive to level the playing field, using communication and education balanced with warmth and authenticity to empower you to achieve financial confidence for life — and enjoy the process along the way.

Just as there is an increasing number of women who need the services of a Certified Financial Planner, there is also a growing number of female financial planners poised to help — and we’re proud to stand among them.

I recently earned my designation as a Certified Financial Planner™ — no small feat, requiring many hours of learning and testing, but especially noteworthy because only 23 percent of CFP® professionals are women. Unfortunately that number has seen little growth in more than a decade, but I’m committed to being a leader in the financial industry and am proud of this achievement. Furthermore, I’m pleased to know that the CFP Board is undertaking initiatives to address the “feminine famine” in financial planning.

What Women Want

Whether we are talking about women’s expectations when buying a car, a house, a pair of shoes or a stock, women want to know that they can ask questions — and actually be heard. The average person, regardless of gender, often finds the subject of investment and long-term planning intimidating and even confusing. It’s important for us all to feel we can ask any question, no matter what it may be, voice our concerns or apprehensions, and seek guidance in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect.

Women often enjoy working with other women because it can be easier to develop a rapport based on empathy and shared experience.

Female financial planners may have a greater understanding of women’s unique challenges because they have faced those same challenges themselves. We are also attuned to the fact that women tend to subjugate their own needs to those of their families and loved ones. A woman financial planner can be more vigilant in helping her client guard against this tendency and help her develop a plan that will help her feel more able to prioritize her own needs.

How We Can Help

We know that sometimes a woman just wants to have a nice long talk — and that’s just the way we like it. At SAGI we understand the need to talk through issues and receive honest and open feedback. Every meaningful client relationship starts with a great conversation. This important interaction cultivates an emotional bond, which is an important part of building a mutually satisfying and financially rewarding long term relationship for our clients and for us, the financial planner.

I’ve dedicated more than two decades of my life to the world of finance, and have used my wealth of experience and expertise to hone an approach that is rooted in empowerment for my clients.

I simply love educating and advising clients on how to reach their most important life goals. Our clients come to us because they are tired of the anonymity that comes from dealing with large financial companies. They want to work with an experienced professional who knows them, knows what they are about, and knows how to help them make smarter life decisions. And of course, some clients also like the fact that their financial planner happens to be a woman!

If you feel ready to discuss how Sloan Advisory Group, Inc. can help you find financial confidence for life, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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