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If Not Now, When?

I first learned how to ride a motorcycle in June 2012 with a Motorcycle Foundation Safety course at the local community college. Then in July 2013, with two amazing men, we adventured across the United States from Glens Falls, NY to Salem, OR and many places in between, traveling over 9000 glorious miles to see our beautiful country. The following year, I had the opportunity for a solo motorcycle trip to Maine. I felt like I was being called to go. It was a weekend rally bringing together motorcyclists from all over. There was camping on the beach and steamed lobsters. I had never camped on a beach and I LOVE Maine steamed lobsters.
But, there was one thing gnawing at me, poking at me, getting the better of me – in order to get there, I had to travel two days alone. It would be my first solo motorcycle road trip.
Moving Forward

And then it started…my mind playing out a million scenarios of, What if something happened? What if something goes wrong? What IF? What IF? What IF? You probably know what I’m talking about. That self talk that keeps you from doing things. It was starting to impact my packing too as it was getting to be a constant debate over the necessity and practicality of each item. One of the things that I love most about the motorcycle, there is simply no room for extra baggage. At some point in my planning and packing, I finally said, “enough with the what IF, I’m ready”. At least as ready as I’ll ever be.

I did go. And I was nervous in the beginning of the ride. It turns out, the trip, the people, camping by the ocean, the steamed lobsters was one of the best experiences I’ve had. It seems that in all the second guessing and the worry about the What IF’s, I forgot to ask the one quintessential question,

“What if I have a really good time?”

If Not Now When? -  Rachel Sloan - Sloan Advisory Group
Moving Forward

On my way home from Maine, I was beaming. I took a little extra time and traveled the long way home through the mountains of New Hampshire. It was in Vermont, near the NY border, I saw a sign. There on the side of the road it read:

“Don’t be overruled by your fears.
If not now, when?”
If Not Now When? -  Rachel Sloan - Sloan Advisory Group
It was a great sign! And I remind myself of it all the time. Your future is in your own hands. What will you overcome today? I’d love to help you figure some of that out.
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